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You have been trying very hard to make money through Forex trading but you just keep losing money or you have attended many Forex preview seminars and are wondering which programme is best for you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You spend hours you don't have glued to the computer poring over trading charts every day but are still not seeing any improvement in your trading results.

  • You’ve tried every single indicator and trading strategy recommended by 'experts' but nothing seem to work for you over the long term even if they do at first.

  • You’ve attended at least one expensive Forex trading course promising to make you a profitable trader but instead of making money, you have been losing a fortune.

  • You've attended several Forex preview seminars and can't make up your mind if you should lay down the money to attend the actual course.

  • You've heard horror stories of how people have lost their houses through Forex trading and Forex scams.

  • You are under the impression that Forex trading is difficult, too fast-paced or impossible to make money from.

If any of these experiences are familiar to you, then keep reading — you’re in the right place.

Now, imagine the following.

  • You no longer have to spend hours poring over charts but yet be able to enjoy IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR TRADING RESULTS.

  • You no longer have to experiment with indicators and trading strategies because you will be sticking to just a few that work MOST OF THE TIME.

  • You will begin to make a steady stream of income through trading Forex using a systematic approach that is so easy to learn that you can START MAKING MONEY IMMEDIATELY.

Does all these sound like a dream?

No, it's not!

Well get this — You can achieve ALL of the above by applying a strategic trading system that is so easy to learn that you can start making money during our trading programme itself! 

Our students have done this and so can you.

To trade profitably through Forex is not about indicators or trading strategies. Rather, it is about applying a holistic system that takes into consideration trading psychology, market analysis and trade management. Only then, does a trader consider which strategy to deploy for a particular trade.

The secret here is to understand how the currency market works and once you do,

At Alpha Play, we do away with the hype and impart to our students a holistic approach and process toward currencies trading. In not focusing singularly on any one trading strategy but rather engaging the market from a macro perspective, our students often discover that trading is not only simple but also very rewarding.

We let our students speak for us. Many of them are able to profit within the same week of attending our ProTrader programme!

John Cheong

GBPUSD analysis done by one of the students on 14th May and the trade hit TP +40 pips on 16th May.

“The concepts taught in class is amazing. Right after the workshop, during the live trading session, shorted GBPJPY based on H4 and Daily analysis using what I learnt and profited hugely from it. Thanks to Kar Yong and Lester, I now see the market differently and finally able to trade with confidence."

"After attending the ProTrader Programme from Alpha Play, I have been able to analyse and trade the Forex market with high accuracy. I'm able to repeatedly predict with confidence the next directional move in price. The concept and strategy taught is really simple yet very profitable. 

I would strongly recommend any serious trader to use of the principles taught in this Programme to trade the Forex market. This programme is not just for the experienced traders but I feel that any trader who wish to become a consistently profitable trade should consider joining this programme.


Ser Keong

USDJPY analysis done by a student on 16th May and the trade hit the profit target the very next day.

GBPJPY analysis done by a student on 16th May and the trade went profitable the next day.

"Hi Lester and Kar Yong, just wanted to drop you a message to say what you taught is amazing. I just started to apply and trade according to what was taught this week and I found like I'm able to accurately predict the chart before it happened. Thank you for sharing such insight with me and will love to learn more from you guys!"

What You Will Be Learning

Explode Your Profitability By Learning How To Reduce Your Risk And Increase Your Win

Module 1

Learn How To Leverage On The Flow Of Large Funds

By focusing on the direction and timing of a trade, you can gradually become more profitable over time. Learn how to forecast future directions of the currencies with a high level of accuracy and acquire the proper thought process towards taking trades.

Mastery of the above will increase your win rate and boost your profitability.

Learn How To Forecast The Market Accurately

Module 4


Module 2

If you trade alongside the big funds, chances are you will make money as they will help move the market for you. Having an insight into the flow of large funds will help you gauge if a predominant trend is being supported by the big boys and has legs to keep running, or if a recent move in the market will be short-lived.

Gain an edge by learning how to investigate where large funds are positioning themselves in the market, and trade alongside them confidently.

Macro components of the market like economic data, central bank decisions and global events are responsible for moving the market. Knowing and understanding how these macro components impact the market is essential to your trading success.

Position your trades to either take advantage of such catalysts, or protect yourself from unnecessary losses.

Learn How To Analyse The Market On A Macro Level And Spot Catalysts That Can Move The Market

George Soros puts it best – “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.” In other words, we want to minimise our losses and maximise our wins.

Learn the important concepts of gearing and scaling in on winning trades, and how you can leverage on them to further extend your profits significantly.

Module 3

BONUS #1 - Receive continuous support from the traders and coaches in our inner circle Facebook and WhatsApp group. Ask us any questions you have, post and share your analysis and our coaches will be there to guide you throughout. We will also be sharing with you our own analysis in the group.

BONUS #2 - Be part of our graduates community where you will be given priority to our regular tutorials, meet ups and webinars. Practice with our real time trades. Stay connected with fellow traders and let's be friends!

BONUS #3 - Every trader is different in one way or another. Get a FREE 30 minute one-on-one consultation with us. We will answer any questions you may have about trading and work with you to design your very own personalized trading plan!

Tutorial Classes

Trade Plan Development

Macro Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Waves Counting

Course Content

Market Wave Identification

Impulsive vs Corrective Move

Fractal Nature of the Market

Fibonacci Ratios





External Setups

Internal Setups

Scaling In Setups

Risk Management

Core Position

Pyramid Position

Trade Management

Meet Our Trainers


A self-taught trader, Kar Yong was once featured in Channel News Asia’s Money Mind Young 


He was also featured as a Social Guru on the eToro social trading platform where he led the path for more than a thousand traders in confusing market conditions by sharing his trading strategies through forums and blog posts. 

Well known in Singapore and Philippines as a talented Forex trader and dedicated trainer, Kar Yong often shares his views on the currencies market on social media and events and teaches his Forex trading methodology to students from all over the world.


Lester began his investing and trading journey in 2008. At a time where his university school mates were still muddled about their futures, Lester was juggling studying and honing his skills in the financial markets.

He believes that adaptive systematic trading is the way to consistent profits, and also believes in continuous learning and development. 

Lester now trades independently, spending his time exploring new strategies and mentoring new traders on enhancing their trading edge and performance.

He works closely with Kar Yong to impart his trading knowledge to students in Alpha Play.

We are glad you noticed. While many other schools are charging a lot more for their courses, we are concerned about pricing out those that are keen to learn but cannot afford the fees. But we cannot promise that we will keep our price so low forever. As it is, students tell us that they had attended programs from other trainers that cost a lot more and learnt much less! Hence we are likely to revise our course fees in the near future. 

We want to give attention to every student in the class, as such we need 2 mentors to do the job well. They are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable in trading, but also very passionate in imparting what they know to accelerate their students’ growth to becoming profitable traders.

Rest assured that we will be teaching everything we promise you will learn above. By the end of the day, you will have a much deeper understanding of advanced techniques and strategies applied to Forex trading. More importantly, with the knowledge you will gain and through practice, you will eventually become a profitable trader. Our students' results are the best testament to that.

How come the ProTrader Programme has 2 mentors instead of one?

Upon graduating from this programme, you will be added into the ProTrader’s Inner Support Circle where you can continue to seek guidance from Kar Yong and Lester. 

Trainers train but mentors coach and nurture. From the start, we believe in mentoring and nurturing our students with patience and love. This belief and approach have helped us make profitable traders out of many of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call yourselves mentors?

Why is your course so cheap?

Yes! While the ProTrader Programme focuses on currencies, the skills and knowledge covered in the programme are applicable to all other financial instruments – such as commodities, equities and indices.

What post graduation support will I get?

Can what I learn be applied to other financial instruments?

Will you be teaching me the really good stuff?






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